Morgan McIntyre

PhD Student, Former Research Assistant (2017) and Summer Scholar (2016)



Professor Jason Mattingley (primary)

Dr. Dragan Rangelov

Current research

I am currently investigating how sensory evidence from different sources is integrated, and how this can be used to guide behaviour. To this end, I am using a combination of behavioural experiments, electroencephalography and computational modelling to construct population-level neural response profiles for orientation and motion selectivity based on distributed neural activity.

Research interests

  • Perceptual decision-making

  • Sensory integration and working memory

  • Spatial and feature-based selective attention

  • Visual perception

Published papers

McIntyre, M. E., & Arnold, D. H. (2018). Synchronous and asynchronous perceptual bindings of colour and motion following identical stimulations. Vision research, 146, 41-47.

Conference Presentations

McIntyre, M. E., Rangelov, D., & Mattingley, J. B. (2018, November). Temporal order biases behavioural and neural measures of stimulus encoding in a complex perceptual decision-making task. Poster presented at the 8th Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society annual meeting, Melbourne, Australia.

McIntyre, M. E., Rangelov, D. & Mattingley, J. B. (2018, April). Cognitive and Neural Processes Underlying Complex Decision Making. Talk at the Eye Movement and Attention Lab Retreat, Stradbroke Island, Australia.