Imogen Stead

PhD Student, Former Research Assistant (2019), Honours Student (2018)



Professor Jason Mattingley (primary)

Professor Annemaree Carroll

Current Research

I am currently investigating the typical pattern of development of cognitive functions across the adolescent stage of life. The aim of my project is to use novel cognitive tasks, combined with computational modelling of behavioural and neuroimaging data, to better understand the development of visual attention, cognitive control and response inhibition, statistical learning and decision making across the adolescent lifespan (12-19 years).

Research interests

  • Cognitive Development

  • Visual Attention

  • Psychophysics and neuroimaging

Conference Presentations

Stead, I., Harrison, W.J., Mattingley, J.B. (2019, November). Modelling of spatial representations across eye movements reveals rapid post-saccadic updating. Talk presented at the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, Launceston, Australia.