Caleb Stone

PhD Student



Professor Jason Mattingley (Primary)

Dr. Dragan Rangelov

Current research

My PhD project is focused on exploring the role of uncertainty in perceptual decision making. The project aims to use computational modelling of behavioural and neural data to characterise uncertainty, and to develop a neurofeedback training protocol to promote awareness of this uncertainty and optimize decision making.

Research interests

  • Perception

  • EEG

  • Decision-making


Stone, C., Ney, L., Felmingham, K., Nichols, D., & Matthews, A. (2021) The effects of acute stress on attentional networks and working memory in females. Physiology and Behaviour, 242, 113602.

Stone, C., Mattingley, J.B., & Rangelov, D. (in press). On second thoughts: Changes of mind in decision-making. Trends in Cognitive Sciences.

Ney, L., Stone, C., Nichols, D., Felmingham, K., Bruno, R., & Matthews, A. (2021). Endocannabinoid reactivity to acute stress: Investigation of the relationship between salivary and plasma levels. Biological Psychology, 159, 108022. doi: 10.1016/j.biopsycho.2021.108022

Cowlishaw, S., Metcalf, O., Varker, T., Stone, C., Molyneaux, R., Gibbs, L., Block, K., … & Forbes, D. (2020). Anger dimensions and mental health following a disaster: Distribution and implications after a major bushfire. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 34(1), 46-55. doi: 10.1002/jts.22616

Cowlishaw, S., Metcalf, O., Stone, C., O’Donnell, M., Lotzin, A., Forbes, D., … & Kessler, D. (2020). Posttraumatic stress disorder in primary care: A study of general practices in England. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 1-9. doi: 10.1007/s10880-020-09732-6

Metcalf, O., Stone, C., Hinton, M., O’Donnell, M., Bryant, M., Hopwood, M., McFarlane, A., Forbes, D., Kartal, D., Watson, L., Freijah, I., & Varker, T. (2019). Treatment augmentation for posttraumatic stress disorder: A systematic review. Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice, e12310. doi:10.1111/cpsp.12310.

Conference presentations

Stone, C. ERP Correlates of Behavioural Inhibition during a Flanker Go/Nogo Task in Chronic Cannabis and MDMA-Cannabis Poly-drug Users (Poster) – Australian Experimental Psychology Conference (EPC) 2018.

Stone, C. (2018, November). The Effects of Acute Stress on Behavioural and ERP Measures of Human Attentional Networks. Presentation given at the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology (ASP) conference, Geelong, VIC.