Angela I. Renton

PhD Student, Former Research Assistant (2016-2017), Summer Scholar (2015) and Honours Student (2015)



Professor Jason Mattingley (primary)

Dr. David Painter

Current research

I work on a number of projects using behavioural and physiological measures as well as measures of neural activity (EEG, fNIRS). My PhD investigates how the brain forms visual representations of the world. To do this, I use neurofeedback training to alter neural activity in the visual system of the brain, and measure how this changes what is seen.

Research interests

  • Visual Selective Attention
  • Frequency tagging/ steady-state visual-evoked potentials (SSVEPs)
  • Machine learning and pattern classification in EEG
  • Real-time feedback loops/ Neurofeedback training


Renton, A.I., Mattingley, J.B., & Painter, D.R. (2018). An open interface system for non-invasive brain-to-brain free communication between naive human participants . bioRxiv

Renton, A. I., Painter, D. R., Mattingley, J. B. (2018). Differential deployment of visual attention during interactive approach and avoidance behavior. Cerebral Cortex. 10.1093/cercor/bhy105

Gilson N.D., Hall C., Renton A.I., Ng N. & von Hippel W. (2017). Do sitting, standing or treadmill desks impact psychobiological indicators of work productivity? Journal of Physical Activity & Health.

Conference presentations

Renton, A.I., Painter, D.R. & Mattingley, J.B. (2019, July). Expanding horizons for brain-computer interface systems: Optimising classification of feature selective attention in real-time EEG data. Poster presentation at the CIFAR Deep Learning & Reinforcement Learning Summer School, Edmonton, Canada.

Renton, A.I., Painter, D.R. & Mattingley, J.B. (2018, November). Implicit neurofeedback boosts feature-based selective attention in a visual decision making task. Poster presentation at the Australian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Renton, A.I. (2018, September). Machine Learning for Scientists. Workshop presented at the Australasian Open Science Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

Renton, A.I., Mattingley, J.B. & Painter, D.R. (2017, December). Translating thoughts into text: Rapid communication with a brain computer interface virtual keyboard. Poster presentation at Systems and Computational Neuroscience Down Under, Brisbane, Australia.

Renton, A.I., Painter, D.R. & Mattingley, J.B. (2017, August). Differential mobilization of visual selective attention during dynamic approach and avoidance behaviour. Poster presentation at the 13th International Conference for Cognitive Neuroscience, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Renton, A.I., Painter, D. R., Kim, J. J., & Mattingley, J. B. (2016, November). Are two brains better than one? Evidence of neural synchrony across co-actors in a visually guided movement task. Talk at the Australasian Cognitive Neuroscience Society (ACNS) Conference, Shoal Bay, Australia.

Renton, A.I., Painter, D.R., & Mattingley, J.B. (2015, November). Neural Correlates of Selective Visual Attention for Interactive Approach and Avoidance. Poster presentation at the Australian Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Renton, A.I. (2015, September). Using evoked brain oscillations to track approach and avoidance behaviour during video-game play. Talk at the University of Queensland Undergraduate Research Conference, Brisbane, Australia.