Dr. Claire Bradley

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Email: claire.bradley@uq.edu.au

Phone: 0061(0)435024537

Current research

Brain plasticity refers to the ability of the brain to undergo change in response to various life events, training, learning or simple external stimulation. Relatively recently, non-invasive brain stimulation tools have been developed that allow manipulation of brain plasticity. I am using these techniques (transcranial alternating current stimulation, tACS and transcranial magnetic stimulation, TMS) to try to boost plasticity, especially in the elderly brain, where it may be diminished. This project, undertaken with Dr. Martin Sale and Prof. Jason Mattingley, has potential implications for reeducation and learning in the later stages of life.

Research interests

  • Brain plasticity

  • Non-invasive brain stimulation

  • Electroencephalography

Selected publications

Bradley, C., Perchet, C., Lelekov-Boissard, T., Magnin, M., & Garcia-Larrea, L. (2016). Not an Aspirin: No Evidence for Acute Anti-Nociception to Laser-Evoked Pain After Motor Cortex rTMS in Healthy Humans. Brain Stimulation, 9(1), 48-57. doi:10.1016/j.brs.2015.08.015

Bradley, C., Joyce, N., & Garcia-Larrea, L. (2014). Adaptation in human somatosensory cortex as a model of sensory memory construction: A study using high-density EEG. Brain Structure and Function, 221(1), 421-431. doi:10.1007/s00429-014-0915-5

Houze, B., Bradley, C., Magnin, M., & Garcia-Larrea, L. (2012). Changes in Sensory Hand Representation and Pain Thresholds Induced by Motor Cortex Stimulation in Humans. Cerebral Cortex, 23(11), 2667-2676. doi:10.1093/cercor/bhs255

Bradley, C., & Pearson, J. (2012). The Sensory Components of High-Capacity Iconic Memory and Visual Working Memory. Frontiers in Psychology, 3. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00355

Conference presentations

Bradley, C., Bastuji, H., Garcia-Larrea, L. (2015, November). Evidence-based modelling of nociceptive laser-evoked potentials. Paper presented at the 6th Laser Talks, Rome, Italy.

Bradley, C., Moreau, P., Perchet, C., Lelekov-Boissard, T., Isnard, J., Garcia-Larrea, L. (2015, October). Stimulating the operculo-insular cortex for pain modulation: crossed evidence from tDCS and intra-cranial stimulation. Poster presented at the 15th European congress on Clinical Neurophysiology, Brno, Czech Republic.

Bradley, C. (2015, September). The insula as a target for pain modulation in humans. Invasive and non-invasive studies. Paper presented at the 9th Congress of the European Pain Federation EFIC, Vienna, Austria.

Bradley, C., Perchet, C., Lelekov-Boissard, L., Simon, E., Magnin, M., Garcia-Larrea, L. (2014, October). Plasticity in nociceptive sources induced by motor cortex stimulation? Poster presented at the 15th World Congress on Pain (IASP), Buenos Aires, Argentina.