Nadine Jansen

Visiting Scholar | MSc. Neuropsychology Student (Maastricht University)



Dr. Claire Bradley

Dr. Martin Sale

Prof. Sonja Kotz

Dr. Ben Schultz

Current research

My research internship at UQ involves non-invasive electrical brain stimulation techniques (tACS, tDCS) as well as magnetic brain stimulation (TMS) to induce and probe plastic changes in the human motor cortex. Specifically, my research question investigates whether slow-wave tACS modulates corticomotor excitability.

Research interests

  • Neuroplasticity
  • Neuropsychology
  • Non-invasive brain stimulation

Published papers

Jansen, N. (2017). Effects of Methylphenidate on Memory and Attention in Healthy Adults. Maastricht Student Journal of Psychology and Neuroscience, 6(1)