Dr. Julia Fellrath (lab alumnus)

Former Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Mobility Fellowship (2018)

Email: j.fellrath@uq.edu.au

Research while in the Mattingley Lab

Although specific functional connectivity patterns have been identified in cortical regions associated with brain networks of attention, it remains unclear a) how they represent top-down and bottom-up attention mechanisms, and b) how these brain networks act together to guide selective attention during visual search. I use electroencephalography (EEG) and transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) in healthy subjects to study the relation between resting-state functional connectivity and behavioural mechanisms underlying attentional control. The aim is to contribute to a better understanding of how stimulus selection is controlled and implemented in large-scale brain networks.

Research interests

  • Selective attention
  • Resting-state functional connectivity
  • Electroencephalography
  • Brain stimulation

Selected publications

Ptak, R., Schnider, A., & Fellrath, J. (2017). The Dorsal Frontoparietal Network: A Core System for Emulated Action. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 21(8), 589-599.

Fellrath, J., Mottaz, A., Schnider, A., Guggisberg, A. G., & Ptak, R. (2016). Theta-band functional connectivity in the dorsal fronto-parietal network predicts goal-directed attention. Neuropsychologia, 92, 20-30. doi: 10.1016/j.neuropsychologia.2016.07.012.

Fellrath, J. & Ptak, R. (2015). The role of visual saliency for the allocation of attention: Evidence from spatial neglect and hemianopia. Neuropsychologia, 73, 70-81.

Fellrath, J., Manuel, A. L., & Ptak R. (2014). Task relevance effects in electrophysiological brain activity: early, but not first. NeuroImage, 101, 68-75.

Ptak, R. & Fellrath, J. (2014). Exploring the world with Balint syndrome: biased bottom-up guidance of gaze by local saliency differences. Experimental Brain Research 232, 1233-40.

Ptak, R. & Fellrath, J. (2013). Spatial neglect and the neural coding of attentional priority. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 37, 705-22.

Fellrath, J., Blanche-Durbec, V., Schnider, A., Jacquemoud, A. S., & Ptak, R. (2012). Visual search in spatial neglect studied with a preview paradigm. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 6, 93.