Ms. Barbara Jachs (lab alumnus)

Position: Former visiting researcher (2016)


Research while in the Mattingley Lab

I am a visiting researcher working on a collaborative research project supervised by Dr. Tristan Bekinschtein (University of Cambridge) and Professor Mattingley. In this particular project I am using electroencephalography (EEG) in a behavioural setup, to examine the drowsiness-inducing effect of rhythmic auditory and visual stimuli.

Research interests

  • Attention processes in drowsiness
  • Effects of drowsiness on cognition
  • Consciousness
  • Contemplative research

Published papers

Hellyer, P. J., Jachs, B., Clopath, C., & Leech, R. (2015). Local inhibitory plasticity tunes macroscopic brain dynamics and allows the emergence of functional brain networks. NeuroImage, 124, 85-95.

Jachs, B., Blanco, M. J., Grantham-Hill, S., & Soto, D. (2015). On the independence of visual awareness and metacognition: A signal detection theoretic analysis. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 41(2), 269-276.