In the Media, Pre-2015

Memories - making them and keeping them
612 ABC Brisbane
10 November 2014
(Image credit: Philip Bitnar / Koukej Makak Production 2010, Creative Commons.)

Is feature-based attention always spatially global during visual search?

Journal of Neuroscience
25 June 2014
(Image credit: Society for Neuroscience)

Study shows our brains 'divide and conquer'
Queensland Brain Institute
19 September 2013

Dr. Oliver Baumann
The University of Queensland
17 September 2012
Cosmos Magazine
13 March 2012
(Image credit: iStockphoto)

Sense of direction can be learned
Australian Geographic
8 October 2010
(Image credit: Getty)

Study locates our sense of direction
ABC Science
30 September 2010
(Image credit: iStockphoto)

The unexpected idea
Griffith Review
February 2009
(Image credit: Elaine Shoaf /

A life of forgetfulness
Courier Mail
26 July 2007

Recognising faces takes on new meaning
Australian Associated Press
23 July 2007

A case of mind over matter
The Australian
21 July 2007
(Image credit: The Australian)

Neurons - coded for action
ABC Radio National
2 June 2007